Tax Planning and Preparation

3 Reasons You Are Over-Paying for Insufficient Tax Services

1. Your Taxes Are Treated as a Transaction

It’s one thing if your idea of “doing your taxes” is a necessary evil that should be dispatched as quickly as possible. But when your tax preparer is focused on speed over quality, you are paying twice — first for your tax return, and second for the missed savings and strategies that can cost you much more than the preparation fees over the years.

2. Your Tax Return Isn’t Getting Priority Attention

Depending on where you have your taxes done, your return may be prepared by a lower level employee or outsourced to an independent contractor. Either way, due to the sheer volume of returns, the priority is completion. Rather than doing the work necessary to help you realize the greatest savings, your tax return is processed as data that gets plugged into software to produce a result as fast as possible.

3. You Have a Passive Relationship with Your CPA

Many small business owners and individuals hire a CPA to prepare their taxes because (a) taxes can be intimidating; and (b) they don’t have the time or desire to think about it. That’s completely understandable. But if your CPA finds it easier to send invoices for tax returns instead of doing the work to help with tax planning, your CPA is getting more value from your relationship than you are.

A fresh approach to tax services

My practice is built around delivering extraordinary value to a select number of small business owners and individuals. This focus lets me take the time to ask the right questions instead of just running the numbers. It means every client gets the personal attention they deserve. And it allows me to provide and price tax planning and preparation services as part of a broader relationship.

Tax planning and preparation services include:

  • Year-Round Personal and Business Tax Advice
  • Quarterly and Annual Tax Filings
  • Individual and Business Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Full IRS, State, and Local Audit Representation
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale
  • 1031 Exchange Analysis
  • Capital Gains and AMT Planning
  • Educational Financial Aid Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Estate, Trust, and Gift Planning

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